Links to Other Christian Sites

Children’s Ministry Network

Christian Education in Schools

Christ the Truth  is a great Christian blog is the place where children can watch Christian videos has resources to teach children skill lessons along with the bible

Max 7  has resources for children’s ministry

Scripture Union Bible Reading Guides for those who would like their Bible Reading Guide to be in print form and sent out to them. This is good if you are used to paper or you go away without a smart phone or computer. There is a cost for these.

Scripture Union Online Bible Reading Guide for those who would like electronic copies of Bible Reading Guides. “Classic” incorporates Daily Bread and Encounter with God and is free of charge. If you register, you can have each day’s notes sent to you via email which you receive automatically each afternoon. However, if you are a morning reader you can select the day you wish to read and read the notes whenever you like. The Bible passage is included in the online version.